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About The Green Reflectors

The Green Reflectors are two brothers, who don’t look like brothers, but are most definitely related. Kyle plays the guitar and Aaron plays the drums. 

Formed in Bridgewater Nova Scotia in 2007, playing shows since 2008, they’ve jammed their way around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and toured in Newfoundland and Quebec. 

Wherever they play they end up turning heads, getting people’s attention and capturing the hearts of new fans with their loud in your face riff rock sound and extremely physical shows. The Green Reflectors have opened for many bands including award winning acts such as the Urban Surf Kings, The Chris Martin Trio, Lee Aaron, Northern Pikes and Like a Motorcycle to name a few. 

In November of 2015 they released their self-titled full-length album. Their second album, Tune Up, was released in 2018. They are currently working with Missing Fink Records in Georgia on a number of different projects including another full length album.

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